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10 Reasons to choose INTERHOME


1. Payment of rents safe, simple and fast .
Interhome offers owners different types of contracts with clear conditions ensuring the full success.
Co-managed by the owner Option: You or someone you trust will welcome and take care of the customer. In this way you will support only the annual membership fee and you will have lower administrative costs. Obviously, the administrative costs are only applied if Interhome provides you reservations.
Option Full Service Interhome: Interhome provides a comprehensive service for guests reception upon payment of a fee. The fee varies for each country, region and type of accommodation. On the basis of any contract Interhome annual expenses and administrative costs will be deducted from the agreed rent.

2. Great employment rate

Through our international network your holiday home can be booked worldwide through 48 centers Interhome reservation, 35 partners and more than 15,000 travel agencies or directly online 24 hours on 24, 7 days out of 7. In this way the Interhome booking system ensures optimal occupancy of your property.

3. 46 years of experience in the field

Interhome is among the leaders in renting holiday homes in Europe. As a pioneer in this industry with an experience of over 46 years can guarantee the security of an efficient and professional collaboration. Interhome is part of the international group Migros, which is part of the Migros Group, the largest retail agency in Switzerland. Our Swiss roots are synonymous with a high level of service, with high quality standards in compliance with both the client and the owner.

4. We can offer the most popular tourist destinations in Europe
Interhome has local offices in 29 countries in a position to best meet the needs of the guest and the owner. Our international partners dealing with sales, marketing, service to the owner for all major markets nationwide. Interhome has offices in the client 100 of the most important destinations in Europe.

5. Contact on site
In places where there is a Interhome office, your vacation home will be run throughout the year by qualified personnel. When the accommodation will not be rented will still be controlled. In addition acoglieremo also your guests. Of course if you prefer, you can choose to receive either directly or through a trusted person of your choice.

6. Extensive international network
Interhome has offices in 29 countries in Europe, USA, Australia, India, Russia and the Middle East. Customers can choose from more than 32,000 homes dream holiday in the world. Our customers are like our international sales network, some of them are now regulars. The high number of owners who worked with us for years is another proof of our reliability.

7. Marketing activities at the international level
Every year we invest millions of Euros to increase marketing activities for our product - via the Internet, press, catalogs and direct marketing.We maintain constant contact with our customers: every year they sent about 850,000 letters, newsletters and customized offers in Europe alone. So Interhome is active and present in all major markets throughout the year.

8. More than 16,000 homeowners have placed their trust in Interhome
In  the world more than 16,000 owners of holiday homes are customers Interhome - and this number increases constantly. It appears that more than 500,000 tourists spend over 7 million nights every year vacation homes Interhome.

9. Absolute transparency
Interhome keeps their owners up to date on the most relevant news and market statistics. Interhome communicate directly and clearly at all levels - from management to your local contact. You will always be able to proceed quickly.

10. Multilingual service for owners and customers
Whether you're staying in your country of residence or where your vacation home: we speak your language. The staff Interhome is able to understand your requirements. Same situation for guests wherever they are, at home or on vacation. In Interhome will speak more than 15 languages.

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