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Guarantees for the owner

Mode of renting

We guarantee customer satisfaction

Management service of your holiday home is included in Interhome cost.  This fee changes in each country, region and type of services.  In accordance with what is stipulated in each contract, the annual fee Interhome and administrative costs will be deducted from the amounts due on rents.

Important provisions included in each type of contrac:

Regular payment of rent: this will be done monthly or quarterly, based on the agreements.  We will keep you up to date on your bookings.
If the reservation is canceled 28 days prior to arrival you are entitled to 50% of the rent.  You will be entitled to a refund if: the customer has made a deposit to confirm the booking;  if another booking is not made for the same period; if the house is not occupied directly by you.
You will not have to pay anything for your personal reservations, but always respecting the reservations already in place.
Acceptance of last-minute reservations (optional): This is about reservations made a week before departure, with a 33% discount on the price stated in the contract, only for the first week.  The same also for short stays (minimum 3 nights of employment).

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