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Winning marketing strategies


Winning marketing strategies have given to Interhome an important role on the international market. A guarantee, for you owners to obtain optimal employment of your room and make a profit.

We are always in contact with our customers, every year we send 850,000 letters, newsletters and personalized offers across Europe - increasing customer loyalty.

The online reservations are still rising: today more than 56% of customers book via the internet. Every year more than 16 million people visit our website to look for a vacation home Interhome. So our family continues to grow. As a result, we continually invest to increase our online presence by taking advantage of a site user friendly and well structured. Each house is presented with photographs and a detailed description. Our customers can choose which they prefer and book directly online-worldwide, in 15 languages, 24 hours a day. We are also able to promote our offerings on an international level with massive advertising campaigns and targeted presence in the major search engines.

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